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you can insult me but insult my Hogwarts house and it gets personal

so at work this manger is trying to get me in trouble because I allegedly got a virus on their network by downloading something

do you know what I downloaded? google chrome

because they were using internet explorer.

internet explorer

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Underrated/Underappreciated showsHarper’s Island (2009)

Why you should watch it:

↪ Harper’s Island is an addictive 13-episode mini-series unlike any show you have ever experienced. A group of family and friends have gathered to celebrate a wedding, and soon find out that there is a killer among them. At least one character is killed off each episode, narrowing down the possible suspects and leaving the remaining wedding guests in a fight for survival. It is a very well-done murder mystery and it will keep you guessing until the very end.

Watch it on Netflix

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Cross out everything you’ve ever done:

  • Had a beer
  • Smoked an entire cigarette
  • Done drugs.
  • Written on a bathroom wall.
  • Read a George Orwell book. 
  • Had a physical fight. 
  • Used Twitter.
  • Listened to Lady Gaga
  • Been in a car accident.
  • Gotten suspended. 
  • Gotten expelled.
  • Been allergic to something.
  • Got a computer virus.
  • Touched a real gun.
  • Had a dog.
  • Had a cat
  • Been pregnant.
  • Camped out
  • Swam in the ocean.
  • Wore a bikini 
  • Driven a car
  • Been sent to the principal.
  • Ever liked someone.
  • Failed a class.
  • Failed a test.
  • Went to summer school.
  • Got worse than a D
  • Got A’s and B’s.
  • Read an entire book.
  • Recorded my own music.
  • Had an xbox.
  • Worn heels more than 3 days in a row. 
  • Wore fishnets.
  • Wore skinny jeans.
  • Hated someone.
  • Been cheated on.
  • Cheated on someone.
  • Practiced Christianity/Catholicism.
  • Worn makeup.
  • Lied to my parents about where I was going.
  • Had surgery.
  • Had my license.
  • Attempted suicide.
  • Self harmed.
  • Worn coloured contacts.
  • Painted my nails black.
  • Broken someone’s heart.
  • Had my heart broken.
  • Cried for an hour straight 
  • Lost something very valuable.
  • Got separated from one of my parents as a kid.
  • Broken a bone.
  • Gotten stung by a bee.
  • Eaten something bad/expired.
  • Threw up from being so drunk.
  • Saw someone throw up from being so drunk.
  • Danced with someone of the same sex.
  • Owned an ipod
  • Owned an iphone.
  • Fell for a best friend.
  • Stole a friend’s significant other.
  • Went far away from home for more than a week.
  • Moved out.
  • Ran away.
  • Had a job.
  • Been fired.
  • Lied to a friend.
  • Lied to a family member.
  • Had a Facebook.
  • Posted a video on Youtube.
  • Started a rumor about someone.
  • Talked bad about someone
  • Deliberately failed a test.
  • Been skinny dipping.
  • Counted to a million.
  • Counted to a thousand.
  • Ate rabbit meat.
  • Ate duck meat.
  • Had fast food.
  • Been to Church.
  • Been to Canada.
  • Been married. 
  • Had a divorce.
  • Broke a glass
  • Hugged someone today.
  • Texted someone today.
  • Received a phone call today.
  • Threw something out of the window.
  • Ignored a text from someone on purpose.
  • Wished you were somebody else.
  • Had my feelings hurt by a friend and never told them.
  • Been to a concert
  • Seen your favourite band live
  • Met a celebrity 
  • Met your favourite band 
  • Own more than 10 CDs

I just need a huge movie, where they are all included.

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House Stark + character traits

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i’m not saying bucky should spend most of cap 3 crying and kissing steve, but i am saying they’d be smart to play to sebastian stan’s strengths

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 (via thorkizilla)

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You wash up on a deserted island alone. Sitting on the sand is a box. What is in that box? Just say the first answer that comes into your mind.

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Bucky looking at Steve


Grieving Beverly Katz.

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